PVLAS Experiment

The PVLAS experiment: a tour by images

The clean room that hosts the experiment is located in the experimental hall of the Department of Physics of the University of Ferrara/INFN Ferrara.

Photo of the Ferrara setup in its clean room. The blue cylinders are the rotating permanent magnets. The metal box close to the observer houses the final polarization analyzer. A photodiode at the exit window detects the light that passed through the Fabry-Perot cavity – enclosed in the magnet bore hole.

Layout of the experiment: the 3m-long Fabry-Perot cavity is supported by the vibration-isolated optical table. The cavity itself resides inside the rotating magnets, which are mechanically isolated from the optical table by means of a support system.

A closer view of the rotating magnets. The black disk at top middle is the stepping motor that drives the rotation.

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